Toshiba Hard Disk 1TB
8,500 ETB
External hard disk from USA , 1 TB
Power Bank
4,000 ETB 3,500 ETB
Power Bank HEPU HP972 20000mAh
Ear pod
2,500 ETB
Smart Watch
4,000 ETB
Smart Watch Series 2022 Model ⚡የልብ ምትን ይለካል ⚡ምን ያህል ካሎሪ እንዳቃጠልን ⚡የደም ግፊትን ይለካል ⚡ስፖርት ስንሰራ ይቆጥርልናል ⚡ብዙ ሰአት ስንተኛ ይቀሰቅሰናል ⚡ስልካችን ሲጠፋ ለመፈለጊያ ያግዘናል ⚡ቴክስት መላክ እንዲሁም መቀበል የሚችሉበት ⚡ከስልክ ጋ በ Bluetooth ተገናኝቶ ስልክ መደወል እንዲሁም ማናገር ይቻላል ✔️Size: 44mm ✔️ Battery: 380mAh ✔️ Built-in: Mic+Speakers ✔️
K9 Wireless Microphone
3,000 ETB 2,750 ETB
Redmi Fast Charging Power Bank
3,000 ETB
Redmi 20000mAh 18W Fast Charging Power Bank
Smart watch band
1,000 ETB 900 ETB
CCTV Cameras
Surveillance Camera (Bullet)-image
Surveillance Camera (Bullet)
Camera Bullet 30M IR
8,900 ETB
surveillance Camera (Dome)-image
surveillance Camera (Dome)
Hikvision surveillance Camera (Dome) 2MP ColorVU
9,700 ETB
Headphones and Earphones
Ear pod-image
Ear pod
2,500 ETB
Headphones JBL-image
Headphones JBL
JBL TUNE 700BT - Wireless Over-Ear Headphones JBL Pure Bass Sound 27H battery life Multi-Point Connection Hands-free calls and Voice Assistants Lightweight and foldable design
3,000 ETB
2,700 ETB
LED Bluetooth Headphones-image
LED Bluetooth Headphones
Cat Ear Shape LED Bluetooth Headphones P47M Ear Hook Wireless Headphones, Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Suitable for Smartphone Laptops the pairing is simple and the connection is stable. Excellent noise isolation and 10m signal transmission, get wireless music from various Bluetooth devices.
1,500 ETB
JBL BT headset LED 930-image
JBL BT headset LED 930
JBL BT headset LED 930 Overhead headphones JBL 930-BT have a very comfortable anatomical cushion, which will be convenient for all types of ears. The control buttons are placed on the right bowl of headphones
2,300 ETB
HP Mouse-image
HP Mouse
1,000 ETB
WIRELESS USB PRESENTER PP-1000 Brand : PP PRESENTER Compatible with Brand : ALL PROJECTORS Accessory Type : Presentation Pointers
2,500 ETB